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Our Mission

US VetLife serves our veterans by empowering communities across the country with a mission to help strengthen financial education and military benefits literacy.  We take action by traveling across the country spreading our message highlighting veterans benefits and issues that are often overlooked in society by:


Participating in community events

  • Sending our representatives to join speaking engagements and discussion panels related to veterans affairs

  • Supporting non-profits catering to veterans

  • Ultimately providing our clients with solutions to veterans that promote a continued healthy lifestyle, guiding our clients to comfortable retirements, and assisting to leave a legacy for their families

Our Vision

We believe that veterans rights and issues should be paramount in every facet of the American Culture.  We stand together with our clients and the communities we partner with to advocate, support, and fight for our veterans rights and issues, while spreading our message for solutions to veterans benefits and retirement. 





Leverage your many years of service by making smart choices to build not only for the present but also the future.  We provide a variety of solutions for Veterans, that maximizes your benefits, pensions, and bonuses.

VetLife Vitality

Those who have served tend to have above average health then most Americans, and because of that, Veterans should take advantage of our USVetLife Vitality solution.  This product promotes a healthy lifestyle for Veterans.  

Spousal Support

Veterans are always on the move, and facing challenges that most average Americans never get to see, however a nuclear military family faces different challenges that are often overlooked.  USVetLife prides itself in providing products supporting designed to help families grow and leave a future for husbands and wives.


Solutions to SGLI

Service Members Group Life Insurance is an important focus for most benefits within the military, however there are many more ways to leverage for the future, and at USVetLife we are here to help you learn all the possibilities.

VetLife Legacy

At USVetLife we have many products to help customize for every family.  Its time to protect your family, your legacy.  Contact us today to find out more.



The Name You Trust

Our specialists are highly trained experts set to help serve our Veteran community.  Our company is also built and comprised of representatives and agents that have military relations and backgrounds, or are career transitioned or retired veterans that are passionate and ready to serve.

Years of Experience

With over 150 years of combined experience in the military and business world our leadership and company serves with a mission and a purpose built on giving back to our Veterans.

We Care

USVetLife values are built on our country's principles and we understand the importance of supporting our veteran communities.  We also provide help and support for various organizations that give back to Veterans.



Veterans Matters

At USVetLife we are here to fight the good fight in helping to advocate and raise support for our Veterans.  We partner with various communities particularly with non-profit (501-c3) organizations helping  the veteran community.


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